Here are the facts.

Unlike ‘commercially-available disinfectants’, NanoEcoShieldTM literally kills the microbes, effectively eliminating the formation, and propagation, of MRSA or better known as ‘superbugs’.

How does NanoEcoShield kills bacteria and viruses?

It uses several approaches to Anti-Microbial / Bactericidal function:
a) Inhibiting the synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids [suppresses reproduction]
b) Inhibiting enzyme activities [blocks the ‘activity level’ of the pathogen, eventually leading to it’s death]
c) Inhibiting cell-wall synthesis [without a cell-wall, pathogens would rupture and die due to osmotic stress]

Self Cleaning. How does that work?

The Nano-Photonic Activation and super-hydrophilic characteristic of NanoEcoShieldTM enables Self-Cleaning action.
Nano-Photonic Activation creates electrons which react with water molecules in the air to create positive charged hydrogen radicals and negative charged hydroxyl radicals. The radicals then react by taking the electrons away from Organic contaminants (eg. Dirt, bird-droppings), which decomposes into smaller particles (water & carbon dioxide). This weakens the bond between the remaining ‘structurally-weakened’ contaminants and the contact surface.
The excellent hydrophilic property aids the wetting, and enlargement, of the gap between the coated surface and the base of the adjoining contaminants, thus further weakening the adhesion of the contaminants.

This ‘wiper effect’ facilitates the ease & speed at which the contaminants are washed away by rain, returning the contact surface to a ‘cleaned’ state. 


When we sit in our car and turn on the engine, we often, without thinking, turn on the A/C. Every time we do this, we put our health, and the health of the people around us, in danger.

This occurs because when we leave our car outside, we always close the windows. But even when we leave the car in a shade, it can accumulate 400-800 mg of benzene.

If you park the car in the sun, in a temperature higher than 16 degrees Celsius, the level of benzene can reach 2000-4000 mg, which is 40 times more than the permitted level.

By sitting in a car that had closed windows, people inhale the benzene, not knowing that this toxin affects the kidneys, the liver and the bone tissue. Furthermore, it takes a lot of time and effort for our organisms to eliminate it.

The cars’ manuals state that we should open the car’s windows before turning on the A/C, but they don’t explain why, except that it is good for the performance of the car.

Medical explanation:

The results of the research show that before it starts to cool the air, the air conditioner ejects all the heated air out, and with it – the benzene, a toxin that causes cancer.

Therefore, when you sit in your car, even if you don’t notice any smell of a heated plastic, open the windows for a few minutes and then turn on the A/C. And when you turn on the car, leave the windows open for a few more minutes. Continue practicing this habit while you are in your car in order to protect your organism from toxins, because the consequences can be extremely tragic.

The NESNANO's coating can effectively remove all harmful toxin including Benzenes from our car. Contact us for more information.