– NanoEcoShieldTM


Our Company

NES Synthesis Sdn Bhd is involved in import, export and distribution of advanced nano products. Our manufacturing facilities is located in Taipei and uses state of the art technology to create a a safer environment and protection to mankind and living things.
In Malaysia, we have a wide distribution network through our authorized distributors to serve your needs. Because of our product versatility, we are present in many market segments like healthcare, buildings, automotive, high speed trains, personal care, wooden flooring, filtration, products of glass and sanitary wares. Whatever your needs are, our technical team will be on hand to assist you.




NanoEcoShieldTM offers you the only protection that you will ever need through Advanced Nano Technology.

Our next generation Advanced Nano Technology is an invisible protection against bacteria, viruses, decomposes Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and removes Odor that affects our health. Its Self Cleaning Properties removes contaminants without the need of Chemicals and Detergents.

NanoEcoShieldTM is certified to be safe for not only adults but infants as well. All our attributes are supported by laboratory certification which includes FDA US, MicroBac (US), SGS.